So yesterdays attempt at writing was a miserable failure. I really did not want to do it and put it off until the end of the night. I lose the ability to articulate and focus as the day goes on. Insufficient dopamine I think.

I am sitting at a bus stop. My car is currently impounded. I do not remember if I mentioned that previously or not. I do not feel like talking about it at the moment but all that’s important is that I currently do not have a vehicle and take the bus, walk, or bike everywhere. I get rides from a few people but don’t really ask.

Right now I am on my way to work. Its 12:54 pm. I am late. Not as late as I thought. Ive realized this just now as I wrote the time. I said I would be there around 9:00 am. Shortly after 1 is better then most contractors isn’t it?

I plan on telling the home owner I was rear ended. It explains being late, my back pain (literally no idea where it came from but It has me somewhat hobbled) and why I will be arriving on a bus. I arranged to have all my tools dropped off this morning and the rest of the supplies delivered from the paint store.

You may ask why I am working considering I previously said I normally do not. At the end of the month I am moving out of my current residence and into an apartment with my dog. I also will have a $700 dollar impound fee to pay. Rent with deposit is just over $1300. I owe the local utility company approx. $300 that will need to be paid before I can have my new place serviced, and I am addicted to marijuana. Yeah I know, but I go through about an ouce every two weeks, smoking pretty consistently following a 3 hour cycle. Ive also quit nicotine and coke. Quite easily actually. Physiological addiction submitted like a little bitch. Psychological addiction. That is a bitch. It passifies the boredom. Right now its also helping my back. Ive never used marijuana before as a pain killer but I am surprised as to how well it is currently working for my back. I am carrying a 40-50lb backpack and can barely get up from a sitting position (walking is actually easier). This is enabled by the marijuana. Although its probably responsible for my in ability to stay focused on one topic as well (I am also beginning to realize the bus isn’t coming and I may have to move) Nevermind. Here it comes.


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