Respect Defined.

Understanding respect is the key to psychopathy. Respect in itself is reciprocal. If not reciprocated it can only exist in the form of either oppression by the dominant or accommodation for the non-dominant.

Respect is understanding. Respect is understanding what others are capable of and not giving them reason to exercise those capabilities, rather then demanding they do not without supplying a reason. Respect is understanding another’s perspective and acknowledging the why that motivates their actions.

This is VERY important for one simple reason. Logic.  Logically, the psychopath has no reason to respect anyone’s emotions or feelings unless the reasoning behind their action is taken into account. This frees the psychopath to commit ANY action that the situation calls for, simply because your lack of acknowledgment concerning the motivations of said psychopath, allows for dismissal of your feelings.

In essence, your lack of respect concerning psychopathy while demanding we do not exercise our full range of capabilities due to your “feelings” without any reciprocation is 100% illogical and justifies the psychopath to act as he or she sees fit.

This is also partially due to a lack of understanding concerning society, which I will not get into here outside of stating that society is in actuality, an agreement to put aside the individual goal of self preservation to work towards collective progress, meaning we currently do not live within an actual society but rather we live within a dictatorship.



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